We all know the power of a good first impression. Pageant headshots are often your chance to make a good first impression on judges before you even walk into a competition. That’s a lot of pressure to put your best self forward!

Andrew is YOUR right photographer.

Pageantry may be about competition but it should also be about feeling confident about who you are!

fund raising

The most common way to raise money for pageant candidates is through sponsorships.

Your portfolio by Andrew is developed to attract the eye of all the sponsors.

Your mages that capture their interest and make them want to sponsor YOU.


Andrew provides complete photography/videography/aerial imaging series.

Post production will bring your event alive for years to come.

As tools for your next pageant, our work attracts, captures, and brings candidates back year after year.


It is your CROWNING.

Andrew recognizes the importance of those moments for each Queen.

You will live and relive that perfect experience with images by Andrew.

Taken at the event, or post event, you will always be a QUEEN with our work.

FAQ about pagentery photography

Our Studio or your location

We are available to shoot your headshots, your event and your post pageant images.
Studio7 can always arrange to come to your location.

When will I get the images?

You should receive the high resolution copies of your images within three days of the shoot.


Of course price is always based on the type of services your are interested in.
We do not quote price here. No two shoots are the same but they can range from $300 to $700.
You will discuss the fee with our Photographer-in-Residence.

National and International Award Winning Photographers.

Photographers of Queens and Pageants in the United States and Internationally, Studio7 photographers and videographers will make your images sizzle.